It is not uncommon for me to discover people looking to have a special piece made for an event, a convention or a wedding, or for them to find me for that matter. This past March, however, my path crossed with someone who has  one of the most creative passions I have ever been asked to be a part of! The project, Zelda, Realized, conceived by Adam Days, of Washington State, is, “An all-out, no expense spared cosplay of Link and Zelda from the Twilight Princess installment of the series.” It will boast detailed and extremely accurate renditions of Link and Zelda’s costumes, armor and weaponry, some of which Adam and other fellow artisans have already begun.

sheildrealistic-master-sword-14-25oct2013Adam has been crafting Link’s shield with true Repoussé and chasing techniques, as well as,  hand worked, high polished brass and steel accents. When it came to having his Master Sword replicated he called upon world renowned blacksmith, Brendan Olszowy from Fable Blades, in Australia.

Zelda-wedding-dressSo, what do I have in store for the project, you ask?  A true replica of the Twilight Princess gown, to start!  Her dress, tapestry and cape will be created for Adam’s wife, Amy out of the finest silks, and linens with accurately detailed, hand embroidery accenting each piece.  Her armor, and jewelry is being developed and created in Adam’s workshop, and will be outfitted with real gems.   The idea is that we will be developing a complete cast of charters to round out the project.

I am completely honored to be working with such a wonderful group of creatives and artisans alike.  I look forward to sharing my work in progress, and help bring Zelda to life!

To learn more about Adam and Zelda, Realized, please visit and follow his blog and Facebook page.

To learn more about Brendan and his work, please visit his website we linked to above in this post.